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Line of Business :  Manufacture’s Representative, Stockiest, Indentors, and Engineering Services


Business Address :  Room 404, Doña Eusebia Rodriguez Bldg.,0611 Quirino Avenue,

                                   San Dionisio, Parañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines


Telephone Nos. :  (632) 8820-1351 / (632) 8829-2345 / (632) 8826-1330


Fax Number :  (632) 8825-2155


E-Mail Address :


Business Hours : Monday to Friday : 8:00-5:00 P.M.

                               Saturday : 8:00-12:00 Noon


Date of Incorporation :  April 28, 1999


Date Established :  March 1,1999





WORTHRAND PETROPOWER CORPORATION or WPC was incorporated by a group of young Filipino entrepreneurs who have solid vision and optimism about harnessing and exploiting market opportunities both in local and global business playground. Moreover, they are driven by an inspiration for encompassing rewards in terms of economic, professional, and personal freedom that the people of courage and determination are entitled to. WPC was founded on March 1, 1999, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 28, 1999 and started official operations on May 5, 1999.

Our Market
  •  Oil & Gas

  •  Power Utilities

  •  Geothermal

  •  Petrochemicals

  •  EPC Contractors

  •  Chemicals

  •  Sugar

  •  Mining

  •  Cement

  •  Food & Beverages

Our Objective
  • To realize economic, professional, and social gains for our employees, for our stockholders, and for our sole & exclusive principal, FLOWSERVE PUMP DIVISION / IDP.

  • To nurture and grow an organization of people applying the theory of “Management by heart” and prove that people managed with heart produce more significant results than those managed by old management paradigm. Equally important, to make available to our clients the chemistry of Science and Technology, for the enhancement of their productivity and efficiency, by supplying high quality pieces of FLOWSERVE / IDP equipment and spare parts of latest technological innovations, thus, make a contributions to our country’s economic growth.

  • Finally, to be socially responsible to all people around us and at the same time be steadfast soldiers always on guard for the protection and preservation of mother earth’s environment.


Our Mission
  • To be known to all corners of the Philippines as a dedicated FLOWSERVE PUMP DIVISION / IDP agent and distributor, who supplies only the best quality, effectively economical, and viably available pieces of Flowserve / IDP equipment and spare parts.

    Additionally, to provide quick-response service vis-à-vis our clients’ requirement, by highly skilled and well-experienced service personnel.

Our Vision
  • “If you want to be the greatest company, you have to start acting like one today.”

    - Tom Watson, Sr., Founder, IBM

  • “The future is not a gift-it is an achievement.”

    - Harry Lauder, Forbes Magazine


    Our Vision as a group of optimistic individual is hinged in these two inspiring statements

    by Messrs. Watson and Lauder. WPC will aim to become one of the most successful trading and engineering firms in the Philippines based on merits of professionalism and business ethics.


Our Values



  • We earn our customer’s trust, friendship, and business by providing products and services of the highest value, and absolute customer-oriented philosophy.



  • We employ people who are professional, dynamic, and dedicated, we recognize them as our most valuable resource. We provide climate for rewards and opportunities for growth based on performance, loyalty, and trustworthiness.



  • We maintain mutually harmonious, beneficial relationships with our principal and suppliers who provide products and services of the highest value through excellent quality, superior technology, and reliable performance.



  • We are an asset to our community, which we belong and to the communities where our clients belong. We put our social responsibility to each member of these communities and concern for environment preservation at the forefront of our priorities.



  • We are the trustees of our stockholder’s assets. We earn confidence by consistently providing superior return and maximizing value of these assets.

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